Human body is a sacred room where earth and sky(heaven) meet.

Trying to fit in a body, earth and sky,occasionally cause conflicts and fail to keep balance. Loads more with the stress caused by city life and forces to overflow from the body.

With this burden for nights and days, becoming unable to carry the burden anymore, human wants to run to nature. S/he is now in need of nature’s healing.

Amon Spa provides unique services to let soul relax in the body and let the mind be free. In company of relaxing music, scented bath and steam room let you get rid of all the negatives loads. Carefully prepared jakuzi and other services let body meet its long-forgotten peace.

In the natural climate of Amon Spa, all burdens leave the body. Peace and comfort take its place.

Refreshing and preparing the body to world, Amon Spa makes you feel the privileges of being a human by its magical touches.

Body that has experienced the joy of Amon Spa, with a peaceful mind and a cleansed soul, opens eyes to a sparkling world.