Amon Spa, with 26 years of experience in its relative field, has set off with the vision of becoming a global brand. In line with its vision, Amon Spa uses famous products to provide unique and excelent quality service to customers. You, too, by choosing Amon Spa can let yourself and your loved ones experience heaven on earth through the privileges of Amon Spa.

Amon Spa provides service in Maritim Pine Beach Resort and Bellis Hotel&Spa in the midst of unique odour of eucalyptus and pine trees locating in the Mediterranian’s natural pearl, Belek. Amon Spa also serves in Aska Lara Resort&Spa, creating its own environment like an oasis in the middle of city.

Bringing the endless peace and tranquility of water with high comfort, Amon Spa invites you to these very special places for you to enjoy unique services provided.

You, too, can run from the tiring pace of city life, refreshen and turn back to your life in peace by submitting your soul and body to Amon Spa’s mystique atmosphere.